Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 7 - Take 2

Excuses, excuses....that's what this post is all about!

I've been horrible this week.  I worked out ONCE.  I did Legs/Back.  That's all..
I know I know - awful, right.

Here I am - trying to eat all day long to meet my calorie/nutrition requirements - and I'm not even doing the exercise to use those babies up! 

My mother in law has been in town (hi Mom!) and that's part of my excuse... the other part is that my husband (who is doing the program with me) had elbow surgery last week and has been out of commission since.  SO - it would have been totally rude of me to just move on wtihout him, obviously!  See - my only option was to hold off for this week!

Week 7 will officially begin (again) on Monday, Jan. 24.  I WILL be working tonight and over the weekend...maybe YogaX for practice.. not sure yet.
Anyways.. TGIF.
Whats on your weekend workout schedules??


  1. The hardest part of this plan is the commitment to doing it - good for you for not only realizing you weren't able to work out but making up for it and doing the week over! I went through this a lot with my first trial on the program. The last month I lost interest and didn't push myself like I should have. Keep at it girl you'll get back to business in no time!

  2. Hey, thanks for waiting for me. I wouldn't have liked to have been behind in the weeks. And I definitely understand about loosing interest. I love doing the program but I do miss going to the gym with the rest of my buddy's.