Friday, February 25, 2011

Fitness Wish List

In no particular order... here are some things I have my eye on :)

1.  New Training Shoes - Nike Free XT Quick Fit+
I have heard good things about the Nike Free product line.  I have had my Under Armour shoes for a while now - which I use both for training and running - and I think I'm 'serious' enough now where I have earned the privilege of owning separate pairs for each sport :)

2.  New Running Shoes - Women's UA Assert Running Shoe
Some people are loyal to one brand.. You're either a Nike girl, or a U/A, etc.  I'm not that fancy.. lol.  I like both!  Plus - my pink under armours hold a special place in my heart because that's what I used to train for and run my first 5k.  So, therefore, I'll stick with U/A for my running shoes. 

3.  18 lb. dumbbells
All I can say is sometimes 15s are too light, but 20s are too much  =)

4.  Weighted Gloves
I heard these are fabulous to use during KenpoX and other cardio.  They could also be a good solution to my 15 lb vs 20 lb problem.  Maybe 15s + weighted gloves will do the trick?

5.  Insanity
I think I'm more of a P90x girl at heart... but there is something in me that says I'd like to be able to say I've done both!  There are also some really awesome hybrid programs out there that incorporate both P90x and Insanity...

6.  Gym Bag
Well.. not just for the gym, but also when i got out running.  I just want something to keep my stuff in one place... Doesn't have to be this one - but thought it was cute.

OK... That's all that is coming to mind right now.  Am I forgetting anything?
TGIF :-)


  1. To run with, i would recommend a smaller bag or even (i hate to say it) a small belted (fanny)pack. I've tried running with that kind of bag and it get's annoying smacking against my back. Weighted gloves are also on my wish list!


  2. I love my Nike Frees; just bought my second pair (they are so LIGHT); I use primarily for running though!

  3. The great and terrible thing about working out and being healthier is that there is this new big list of things that I want - that I NEVER imagined I'd want. Like HR monitors, workouts clothes, new weights, and a pull up bar. Who new those would be my Christmas Wish List items? Love your list!

  4. Nice... going running show shopping today. Cross trainer so I can run and use for the indoor workouts, but more for the running. My list keeps growing too :P

  5. I did Insanity for kind of the same reason you're thinking about it... it sure did improve my cardio ability a lot, but it just wasn't as much FUN as P90X. I'm glad I did it and have it available to replace running with in the case of inclement weather especially in winter, but P90X will always have a special place in my heart in a way Insanity won't.