Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tonight's Workout

I had the BEST workout was full body - moderate weight/moderate reps - Supersets (which is when 2 exercises are performed together w/ no break between).  There is a 45 second rest between each set...

It went a little something like this (and took me close to an hour):

Push up to dumbbell row

Set 1:  12 lb dumbbells - 12 push ups - 6 rows each side
Set 2:  8 lb dumbbells - 12 push ups - 6 rows each side
Set 3:  8 lb dumbbells - 12 push ups - 6 rows each side

Dumbbell Dead lift to Sumo Squat
Set 1:  12 lb dumbbells - 10 dead lifts - 10 sumo squats
Set 2:  15 lb dumbbells - 10 dead lifts - 10 sumo squats
Set 3:  15 lb dumbbells - 10 dead lifts - 10 sumo squats

Dumbbell Walking Lunge to Leg Extension
Set 1:  12 lb dumbbells - 10 lunges
           60 lb leg extension - 10x

Set 2:  12 lb dumbbells - 10 lunges
           60 lb leg extension - 10x
Set 3:  12 lb dumbbells - 8 lunges
           67.5 lb leg extension - 8x

Lying Leg Curl to Calf Raise
Set 1:  Leg Curl 40 lbs x 10 / Standing Calf Raise 55 lbs. x 12
Set 2:  Leg Curl 40 lbs x 10 / Standing Calf Raise 65 lbs. x 12
Set 3:  Leg Curl 50 lbs x 6 / Standing Calf Raise 65 lbs x 12

Triple Set - THIS was exhausting!
Upright barbell row to barbell military press to lateral raise
Set 1:  Upright Row - 30 lb bar x 8 / military press 30 lb. bar x 8 / lateral raise 5lb x 10
Set 2:  Upright Row - 40 lb bar x 6 / military press 40 lb. bar x 8 / lateral raise 8lb x 8
Set 3:  Upright Row - 30 lb bar x 8 / military press 30 lb. bar x 8 / lateral raise 5lb x 10

Bench Dip to Barbell Curl
Set 1:  10 triceps bench dips / 40 lb bar x 6
Set 2:  12 dips / 30 lb bar x 10
Set 3:  20 dips / 30 lb. bar x 10

Soo... I'm expecting to feel pretty sore tomorrow.  I went really easy on the weights.. didn't go too heavy at all.  I feel great though - and really like the super sets!  Its supposed to be great for building endurance. I was supposed to follow this up with 20 minutes of cardio - but I was just too exhausted!

I followed this workout up with an amazing protein shake when I got home:  Mixture of almond milk and skim milk/ some Greek yogurt/ scoop and 1/2 of Myofusion chocolate protein powder and a hand full of ice cubes...YUM :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Mistake!

Do you ever meet those people who love to run?  And it comes so easy and natural to them?  They're like.."oh, I did a short run this morning, just 6 miles...can't wait to do my long run on Saturday - 15 miles or so".. HAH!  What is wrong with those people?  Do they really find it peaceful?  And they claim they can clear their mind of all the day to day garbage and just have some 'me' time. 

Well... let me tell you... when I run - I can't think about anything other than - OMG, I just need to make it to the next corner and then I'll take a short break... or if I'm treadmillin' it - I just keep talking myself into holding on for just one more minute before slowing down.  Between the huffing and puffing, and the feeling of tight hamstrings and shins... I have no calm/peace or serenity!  I'm a sweaty panting mess!  Its NOT enjoyable for me!  BUT, I love the results!  I love the firmed up after effects that you get in places you didn't even know needed firming up! LOL

I started running last year - and built myself up to place where I could run 3ish miles comfortably.  Then winter came and I stopped running... BIG MISTAKE.  Now Spring is here and the sun is out and I'm ready to start running again, and I feel like I'm starting from square 1 again!  Its race season though - so I've GOT to keep up with my training and get out there and just push thru it... eventually I'll get there :)  I have 2 5ks next month... The Law Enforcement Memorial 5k (which I must run well - wouldn't want to be an embarrassment since I'm running on the police department's team!!) and the Run for the Deaf which benefits one of my good friend's schools (she is a special ed teacher for deaf students).

I"m still doing P90x here and there - but adding in running, pilates, and some of my own gym workouts.  Its probably time to post some new pics and measurements too! 

Anyways - Happy Training!! :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Craziest Fricking Day of Your Life - The Warrior Dash

Is anyone familiar with the Warrior Dash??
Its this disgusting muddy, dirty obstacle run with fires and all kinds of craziness.....and it looks like something I would NEVER be a part of.  But for some odd reason - I want to do it!  Maybe its because its SO uncharacteristic of me??  I don't know...  I think it would be cool to say that I've done it though.

Check it out:

The closest Warrior Dash to me is in Georgia... and is on May 14-15th.  I think that's a little too soon...SO, well see what else I can work out in my schedule.

Who else is with me?  Who is ready for the Craziest Frickin Day of Your Life?!?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doctor's Orders...

I seriously love P90x!  I love being able to do so many styles of push ups and pull ups.  I look back at my level of fitness 1 year ago and its amazing how far I have come along.  I mean, I've always been thin - but I never had much strength or tone.

I remember doing push ups on my knees..'girl style'...and even then only being able to do maybe 10 at a time.  Now I can do so many during one workout - its hard to even count that high! haha

Anyways - since my surgery, I have been a little restricted on what I can and cannot do.  There are still certain exercises that my doctor advises against....push ups/pull ups/bench press.  SO, that's a real detriment to takes out a big chunk!  Hopefully I'll be able to add them back in eventually - but for now, I need to follow my doctor's orders and just give my body time to heal.  Until then, I'm adding in some gym time to do back workouts using lat pull down - cable row - and some of the other machines that are geared for back muscles.  AND, just to keep what pectorals I do have - I have been doing sets of 20 or 'girl style' push ups.  That way my body remembers the muscle movement - but I'm not putting as much strain on them.

So....Off to the gym!  Hope everyone has a great day!