Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doctor's Orders...

I seriously love P90x!  I love being able to do so many styles of push ups and pull ups.  I look back at my level of fitness 1 year ago and its amazing how far I have come along.  I mean, I've always been thin - but I never had much strength or tone.

I remember doing push ups on my knees..'girl style'...and even then only being able to do maybe 10 at a time.  Now I can do so many during one workout - its hard to even count that high! haha

Anyways - since my surgery, I have been a little restricted on what I can and cannot do.  There are still certain exercises that my doctor advises against....push ups/pull ups/bench press.  SO, that's a real detriment to takes out a big chunk!  Hopefully I'll be able to add them back in eventually - but for now, I need to follow my doctor's orders and just give my body time to heal.  Until then, I'm adding in some gym time to do back workouts using lat pull down - cable row - and some of the other machines that are geared for back muscles.  AND, just to keep what pectorals I do have - I have been doing sets of 20 or 'girl style' push ups.  That way my body remembers the muscle movement - but I'm not putting as much strain on them.

So....Off to the gym!  Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Modify modify and more modifying! You are doing great, Alot of people would give up or use the doctors advice as an excuse to become lazy! You will have awesome results for life with your attitude :)