Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Mistake!

Do you ever meet those people who love to run?  And it comes so easy and natural to them?  They're like.."oh, I did a short run this morning, just 6 miles...can't wait to do my long run on Saturday - 15 miles or so".. HAH!  What is wrong with those people?  Do they really find it peaceful?  And they claim they can clear their mind of all the day to day garbage and just have some 'me' time. 

Well... let me tell you... when I run - I can't think about anything other than - OMG, I just need to make it to the next corner and then I'll take a short break... or if I'm treadmillin' it - I just keep talking myself into holding on for just one more minute before slowing down.  Between the huffing and puffing, and the feeling of tight hamstrings and shins... I have no calm/peace or serenity!  I'm a sweaty panting mess!  Its NOT enjoyable for me!  BUT, I love the results!  I love the firmed up after effects that you get in places you didn't even know needed firming up! LOL

I started running last year - and built myself up to place where I could run 3ish miles comfortably.  Then winter came and I stopped running... BIG MISTAKE.  Now Spring is here and the sun is out and I'm ready to start running again, and I feel like I'm starting from square 1 again!  Its race season though - so I've GOT to keep up with my training and get out there and just push thru it... eventually I'll get there :)  I have 2 5ks next month... The Law Enforcement Memorial 5k (which I must run well - wouldn't want to be an embarrassment since I'm running on the police department's team!!) and the Run for the Deaf which benefits one of my good friend's schools (she is a special ed teacher for deaf students).

I"m still doing P90x here and there - but adding in running, pilates, and some of my own gym workouts.  Its probably time to post some new pics and measurements too! 

Anyways - Happy Training!! :-)


  1. I am the same way! I jsut started running last week and I am no where near where I used to be last year!

  2. I am in the first camp, but I was in your situation for a long time first! When I started running, I was borderline obese and had just quit smoking. I couldn't run very fast nor far! Previously I'd never enjoyed running because of what you're talking about - I wanted to go faster than I had the endurance to do, and then I was a sweating, panting, miserable mess. But by focusing on deliberately running as slow as possible, I realized that the trick to enjoying running - at all ability levels - is to keep most of your miles "easy", i. e. easy enough for your level that you can hold a conversation comfortably while you run. In fact (I know now), most of your miles are SUPPOSED to be easy. (Intense running workouts, often called quality workouts, are done only done maybe three times a week.) It's the equivalent of doing most weight lifting sessions low reps AND low weight and only "really" lifting three times a week, except with running that's actually a good training plan!

    You'll get back there - just run easy consistently, a little here and there adds up - and you'll get back into cardio shape just fine! Good luck!