Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back at it!

I have done a couple workouts here and there since my surgery - but now I'm back at it 100%!  I did KenpoX + ARX  yesterday, and this morning I did Shoulders & Arms.  I couldn't believe how hard ARX was!  A month ago I was able to do all 330+ reps and was even getting to the point of adding difficulty with weight during in and out and mason twist.... but yesterday was another story!  I struggled!  I think it was more difficult yesterday than the very first time I did the workout last year in November!

Anyways - it feels good to be back!  Hope everyone had a great weekend :-)


  1. After your first 90 days do you just keep up the rotation from there on out?

  2. Well, it depends if you like P90x or not! Godfather made it about as far as I did, and he was ready to go back to the gym to his usual routine. I really liked the program, so I"m sticking with it. There are other programs thru Beachbody that you could try also like Insanity, etc.

    P90x has a new version coming out later this year called MC:2. Its gonna be crazy hard from what I hear. Soooo, my plan is to do another round of P90x to prepare me for MC:2.