Thursday, April 7, 2011

Craziest Fricking Day of Your Life - The Warrior Dash

Is anyone familiar with the Warrior Dash??
Its this disgusting muddy, dirty obstacle run with fires and all kinds of craziness.....and it looks like something I would NEVER be a part of.  But for some odd reason - I want to do it!  Maybe its because its SO uncharacteristic of me??  I don't know...  I think it would be cool to say that I've done it though.

Check it out:

The closest Warrior Dash to me is in Georgia... and is on May 14-15th.  I think that's a little too soon...SO, well see what else I can work out in my schedule.

Who else is with me?  Who is ready for the Craziest Frickin Day of Your Life?!?


  1. Jill and I are either doing the W.D. in North Carolina or Tennessee. Duh, you are doing it with us!

  2. My cousin wants me to come with him! Its soooo far though.

  3. I blame the sudden urge to do stuff you never thought you would on P90X because I'm the same way! I watched Tough Enough the road to be in the WWE the other night and I thought... I want to do that! NEVER in my life have I wanted to wrestle! LOL I say go for it girl!

  4. Been thinking about doing one... because it sounds like a crazy hoot and a half! Although I haven't even gotten past the "thinking about it stage", I don't even know where the nearest one is :)