Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nutrition Plan... I hate you!

I have always been a healthy eater for the most part.  I like my veggies, I eat whole grains, I don't drink soda...Of course, I AM human, and do of course like my sweet fix too.

When I started P90x, I wasn't too concerned with following the Nutrition Plan.  I am not doing it for weight loss, so I didn't really think it applied to me.  Well, around Week 6/7, my Husband (who is also doing P90x) suggested that we start following the plan strictly.

Soo.. enter,

A GREAT app to record all the foods you eat, your exercise and daily notes.  Its a great resource to track what you're eating.  I am on Phase II of the Nutrition Plan.  This involves 40% protein/40% carbs/20% fat - 2,040 calories.  No problem! Easy Peasy, right?  Protein..Carbs...Fat... oh, wait.  SUGAR.  Where is the category for sugar?  By 2 PM today, before I had even eaten lunch - I had already gone OVER my daily allotment of sugar!

This has definitely been eye opening.  Seeing what you're actually eating is pretty scary.

(btw... this is just a random pic I found online..)

For example - there is a Chick-fil-a downstairs in the building I work in.  Sometimes when I forget my breakfast, I will grab a yogurt parfait from there.  Quick, cheap healthy .. right? 

Um, apparently WRONG.  There is THIRTY-freggin-NINE grams of sugar in that itty bitty cup!  wow.  Anytime we go out to eat now, I have to look up the menu online and choose my meal based on the nutrition guide.  There are so many things that you'd think are semi-ok on the health scale - and they're really BAD.

Anyways - I have yet to have a 100% successful day yet!  Its hard to get in all the calories, but even harder to get the right kind of calories!


  1. I am gonna definitely try
    I can't believe you are supposed to be taking in 2040 calories! That sounds like a lot! The fitness tooL thingy on beachbody recommended 1700 for my goal...I'm trying to lose my grad schl weight and tone :). I am not following the P90X meal plan..instead, I am doing the 1500 fat burner meal plan from power 90 and then adding whey protein to reach 1700 calories

    What is/are your goal/s with P90X?

  2. never mind about the goal question, I found the answer in your second post!

  3. I had a similar eye-opening experience when I followed the P90X nutrition guide. I thought it didn't have much to offer me because I already ate well. But that wasn't true! My portions were too big and often I didn't appreciate how little things all add up, especially with fat.

    Like you said... finding out what you're actually eating can be pretty scary when it's not what you thought it was!


  4. I absolutely love your articulation of your posts. They are very easy going and make me laugh. You have a great writing skill and it flows very well. Great blog starfish!

  5. I just downloaded this app... thanks for sharing!

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