Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre-Workout Supplements??

Does anyone else use a pre-workout supplement??  I normally do... on strenth training days.  I prefer Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump 250 but I also use MuscleTech Nano Vapor.

Sometimes I wonder if they really do anything?  Or if its just in my mind that I can lift more/do more reps after taknig one of these... BUT, I just experimented doing Legs/Back with Nano Vapor and without.  Normally Legs/Back is Day 5... but I did it this week as Day 1.  I could totally tell a difference in yesterday's workout compared to my Week 6 Legs/Back workout.  I was really dragging, did not have as much energy/intensity and felt drained about 1/2 way thru.  On the other hand, when I have taken the pre-workout supplement, I stay energized, I max out my reps and weight and always finish strong.

So - has anyone else had luck with any other supplements?


  1. I normally drink 1 serving 30 min before and 30min after my work out. I don't know if it makes a difference....I'll have to experiment like you.

    Where are you in the program?

  2. 1. No, too poor, no supplements.

    2. Regarding your bananas question for me:

    Thanks much. So because I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to working out, I took Tony's advice and switched in Cardio X for Plyo . . . hence the bananas. Another difficulty with Plyo is that I don't have anywhere that allows for the jumps I'm told go with that program. Low ceilings, landlords living below, etc. . . .


  3. I meant 1 serving of whey protein...oops