Friday, June 10, 2011

Shakeology - Week in Review

So - I've been hearing all about Shakeology for months and months!  Now that I have tried it, I hate myself for not getting on the band wagon sooner!  When you place an order for Shakeology - you get 2 free workout DVDs, a shaker bottle, free shpping and a full month's worth of recipes on a calendar!
I have tried a different recipe everyday so far - and I'm going to share with you my thoughts/opnions and changes I've noticed so far after only 5 days!  Each of these shakes were taken in the morning - 1/2 before my workout, and the other 1/2 after.

Day 1
Recipe:  Chocolate Banana Nutter  - Chcolate Shakeology+PB+Banana
The Shake was delicious!  The deep chocolate flavor suprised me at first... more of a dark chocolate flavor instead of the imitation flavors that normally added to shakes.
Things I noticed:  My energy was thru the roof!  I did not get that run down feeling at the end of the afternoon where you feel like you need a coffee or a shot of tequila to make it to 5!

Day 2
Recipe:  PB and J - Chocolate Shakeology + PB + 1/2 c. strawberries
I did not love this flavor combonation to be honest.  I like PBJ sandwiches, but with chocolate in the mix as well, I didn't care for it.  It was okay and I was able to drink the whole shake, but probably not something I would make again.
Things I noticed:  ENERGY galore!  My mood seems happy/chipper 24/7 and my hair/skin/nails seem to be more vibrant.  Also, I feel less bloated and more slender in my tummy!

Day 3
Recipe:  Mocha Chiller - Chocolate Shakeology + coffee
 This was one of my favorites!  I used Starbucks VIA for the coffee portion and I typically love the chocolate/coffee mix anyways!  LOVE this one :)
 Things I noticed:  Stilll feeling more energized; also noticeably less cravings.

Day 4
Recipe:  Chcolate Covered Strawberries - Chocolate Shakeology + 1/2 c. strawberries
 This recipe was pretty tasty.  I think the density of the choclate in the shake overpowers the strawberries a little bit, but you do taste them as a sweet background flavor.  I will make this one again for sure.
Things I noticed:  Energy, tummy feeling flatter, clear skin!, overall awesomeness!

Day 5
Recipe: Chcolate Twilight - Chocolate Shakeology + Vanilla Extract
This one was very tasty.  I think it would be even better with vanilla almond milk!
 Things I noticed:  ZERO drowsiness at work, clarity of mind, focused, feeling 'clean' inside and out.

For More Information on Shakeology.. check out this video.

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